Yesterday I worked on Georgia’s interview. The audio is transcribed, the photos are resized and retouched. The page layout is in progress and responsive design is slowly in the works. The story itself, however, is… dragging.


The content is all there but I’m having difficulty constructing it into a solid read that is engaging and informative. Not that Georgia’s story is lacking in any sense, but my intention with these profiles is to pull out the best parts of the interview and pare them down into something not only worth reading, but also inspiring and enjoyable to read. (Obviously.) I care about these people and their stories, and I guess my hope is that you will too.


So I wrote and rewrote and deleted and sifted and read and edited until my eyes were dry and my head empty. It’s the first profile, so I don’t want to be too hard on myself. But I do want it to be good and representative of Georgia and her endeavors. Plus I’m anxious to get this one done and press on with the others.


I find one of the best things to do when I’m up against the wall is to simply give it a rest. Walk away, clear the air and take a breather. In the midst of pressure, self-inflicted or external, sometimes the most productive thing you can do is put a little distance between yourself and the issue. Hopefully by the time you revisit it, the solution will be less elusive.


I’m giving it another crack today.