Last week I hit my stride. Or at least, a stride. I worked a lot on the layout, graphics and responsive features of the site; launched a new Contact page; learned more coding (thanks Tim!); continued to design the homepage; and fiddled with copy, again. Needless to say it was a productive week.


I typically work from home, sat at the kitchen table with coffee to my left, a notebook to my right and WNYC as my soundtrack. Oh yes, talk radio is the work-from-homers’ best friend. That good old steady stream of leftist news and artsy topics; the comforting illusion of others; the greatest faux-worker you never had. But every now and again — when you’ve heard that same breaking news story for the fifteenth time or are just not into yet another analysis on the impact of classical music — there is always talk radio’s punchy little brother, the Podcast, to turn to.



This past week I discovered a podcast recently launched by Alex Blumberg, a former producer of the golden standard for brilliant podcasting, This American Life, as well as co-founder of Planet Money. StartUp is “a series about what happens when someone who knows nothing about business starts one.” So far there’s four episodes, each of which track in detail the messy, trying, often confusing business of starting a business. It’s an honest account of the thoughts and conversations we have with others and ourselves when faced with building something from the ground up, told in real time. Ultimately, it’s a story of process seeking progress. Sound familiar?

Alex, if you’re reading, nice to meet you SPIRIT ANIMAL.