011. 3-2-1 LAUNCH



After months of meddling, fiddling, procrastinating, motivating, doubting, writing, designing, questioning, coding, and most of all building, Polynate is three days away from officially launching. Just. Three. Days.


I’ve had several prospective launch dates in mind, none of which I’ve met and all of which I’ve been too chicken to commit to or even say out loud. What if I announce it and then can’t make it happen in time? Is this ready? Am I ready?


Last Sunday a funny thing happened. Everything was looking and working great and I was finally feeling like it was resembling a fully functioning site. Until I pushed it too far. And crashed the whole thing. And spent two days in utter panic until Tim and external tech support were able to put ole Humpty Dumpty back together again.


But in that panic, on the second night before the necessary repairs were made, I resolved to commit. Something about having all that work and time and effort and love teetering on the abyss made me wonder what I had been waiting for and why I had waited so long. So I bit the bullet and announced via Instagram (to all 26 followers) that Polynate would go live this Sunday.


After all, nothing is ever perfect except the process of attempting perfection.