Lite Brite Outtakes


MAY 16, 2015

Lite Brite Outtakes


For every profile, there are always a handful of photos that don’t quite make the cut into the final piece. It’s not that they’re lacking in any sense, but maybe they just didn’t fit into the overall composition, or they repeat an aspect that’s already been shown. In any case, we think these photos should still be shared and oogled, because we love them, too. Here, our outtakes from photographer Beth Kleinpeter’s beautiful images of Lite Brite Neon studio.

(If you missed the profile, take a look at the original photos here.)


LiteBriteNeon_55 LiteBriteNeon_40 LiteBriteNeon_47 LiteBriteNeon_51 LiteBriteNeon_32LiteBriteNeon_25 LiteBriteNeon_17 LiteBriteNeon_11 LiteBriteNeon_16 LiteBriteNeon_1 LiteBriteNeon_20 LiteBriteNeon_44

LiteBriteNeon_30 LiteBriteNeon_38