Our goal is to deconstruct the mystery of building a business from the ground up, one story at a time.

Ever wonder how that restaurant with the two-hour wait got started? Or how that new app everyone is buzzing about got funded? Ever wanted to start something of your own but weren’t sure where to begin?


Yeah, we did too. That’s why we started Polynate, a resource for learning how to bring great ideas to fruition without an MBA, a wealth of experience, or even a whole lot of dough. Think of us as your crash course in real-life entrepreneurship, with handpicked small business owners as your inspired mentors.


Our purpose is to spread entrepreneurial insight and practical information for starting and running a business on your own. There is no foolproof recipe for success, but there is always a story behind the story. We carefully select local folks that are making waves and get them to spill the beans on how they came to develop their successful ventures in everything from food to fashion, design to tech, art to advertising and more.

This is Polynate. Let’s get started.